Friday, June 1, 2012

12 Months of sexy, sassy and quirky...

It's been over 7 months in the making...24 fantastic models, 3 talented hair and makeup artists, 3 hard working assistants and multiple venues.  It's by far the most complex series of composites in our portfolio yet.  It's been a long process, but we are SO excited to be able to present to everyone, our newest creative project: The Varietease 2013 Calendar.

Gary's been photographing for Varitease, a local burlesque variety show, for over four years, and this year we teamed up with the show's producer and director, Fiona Solon and Brian Fidler, to plan for a creative project that would highlight the show's unique style and energy.

Over numerous brainstorming meetings, we were able to come up with 12 conceptual 'scenes' which we wanted to create.  Through the use of various venues around town including back alleys, Brian's studio, our own studio, the Guild Hall, and even one of our assistant's living rooms, we were able to create a variety of different atmospheres to ensure each shot has it's own unique look.

The images all reflect a number of past characters and cast members from previous shows, although we really wanted it to have more of a 'off-the-stage' kind of feel.  We tried to portray the cast and characters either before, after, or in between shows.  We were lucky to have an incredible group of models who were excited to be a part of the project and brought great energy and styles to every shot.

The majority of the shots are composites, meaning each person in the frame was photographed independently to ensure Gary was able to light them and work individually with them to capture the exact expression and feel that he was hoping for.  He then takes all of the individual shots and pieces them all together to create one seamless image.  For a little bit more in depth description of how composites work, see our previous post from the Rendezvous cover shoot.

We currently have an exhibit on up at the Guild Hall during this week's Varietease run featuring all of the calendar images.  Come on out this Friday and Saturday (June 1-2nd) to check it out.

We also have 2013 calendars for sale which feature all of the images as well.  To purchase them, just give us a shout at

Hope you like em!

Final Touch


The Divine Miss Jones

The Risky Rollers

Get Off My Back

Fabulous in Feathers

The Death of Cyrus Hellwater

Dirty Carnies Cigar Girls

Who's the Puppet Now?

A Little to the Left

Cast + Crew Please Use the Back Door

Hurry Up and Wait


  1. Hey Gary and Bri, I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award– More info can be found here:

  2. Nice work! I especially love the Divine Miss Jones and her fabulous chandelier. And Colleen is FIERCE!

  3. these are fabulous! Can't wait to get a calendar -one for me and several for gifts!