Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family portraits-GBP Creative Photography and Video

You know what's rad? When a single conversation can immediately transport you back in time to when you were a kid.

This is what happened to me (Bri) recently at one of our shoots....

It's always sweet to get to know our different clients and find out what they're into and how they spend their time...and it was as we were doing that during this particular shoot,  that I found out just how much I had in common with a 2nd grader...

"What oh what could you possibly have in common!?" you ask? One word: Playmobil.

That's right...we spent a solid 30 minutes at least listing off what collections we have, where we got them, and which were our favorites...I think the parents and Gary were talking about something else at some point, but neither of us noticed because we were busy in deep conversation...he has the PIRATE SHIP PEOPLE!!!

But maybe i've anyone??