Monday, December 31, 2012

GBP's Faves of 2012

It's the last day of we decided to round up a few of our faves from the year!  Turns out that's a really hard task, and we both have different favourites, so there's a bit more than expected, and even at that, I know we missed some...

BUT here's what we've got...looking forward to 2013 and HUGE thanks to all of our clients, family and friends who support us in doing what we love to guys = the best.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yukon Music: The Lore

This past Saturday night we had the pleasure of covering a CD release concert for local Yukon musicians The Lore.

This was the third time we've worked with The Lore, made up of Lauren Tuck and Kelvin Smoler as we did a promo shoot for them this summer, followed by a conceptual shoot for the cover art on their new album, and now this live show.

We've gotta say, that the conceptual shoot we did with them for their album art is some of our favorite work of the year...we had a great team working with us which makes things go all that much more smoothly: Katelyn Smolne was the hair stylist and Akiko Allen was our makeup artist, both incredibly talented ladies at what they do!  It also just so happens that  Lauren and Kelvin are always incredible to work with. Talk about two people who put everything they've got into their projects...and the show on Saturday night was a perfect example of that.

SO, we figured, in celebration of their CD release we'd release some of the images from their Emergence shoot with all of you! BIG thanks to the Takhini Hot Springs for allowing us to use their great facility for the shoot...i'm sure Lauren and Kelvin were both very grateful for being in some beautiful hot springs vs. an icy Yukon river for this one!

And if you haven't yet, check out The Lore and grab their digital download here: