Sunday, February 19, 2012

Brianne-1, Gary-0

Gary and I recently traveled to PEI over our christmas holidays...Why the h*** would we travel at that time of year you ask!?  Well it was a very important of my best friends was getting married and there was no way we were going to miss it...

Over the years we've obviously had a few friend weddings to attend and/or shoot.  It comes with the age we are at and the business we've chosen, but it reminds me every time how important the connection between photographer and couple really is.

We always try to build a relationship with our clients before we shoot their weddings. Whether it's through an engagement shoot, over coffees or even through the wonderful technology of Skype, we always try to meet and get to know each other before working with them on the big day.  It makes a world of difference to actually know a bit about each other.  We hear the stories of how they met, talk about the nerves of getting everything ready in time, and even vent about the worries of "crazy Uncle Joe" putting on a scene in the middle of the reception.  (Don't fret...every family has something)

This way come wedding day, we're not strangers walking in and getting all up in your business...we're a trusted team who is there not only to shoot, but also to remind you to take some breaths, relax, and soak in the day. (we've been to a few of these things over the years after all and in the end, Uncle Joe will just become and amazing story for the kids one day)

There was no need to build a relationship with this couple though, as I went to university with the bride when she had first met her future-groom.  Considering the group of us girls called him "the best boyfriend we never had", it was only fitting that we were all there with them on their big day. It was a day full of laughs, happy tears and many exaggerated stories just like any good wedding should be...and being in it, I had the added bonus of sitting and sipping champagne while Gary had to run around working.  Brianne-1, Gary-0.

I'm gonna pay for that one....

Now onto the photos...

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