Thursday, December 15, 2011

How quickly do these kids grow up anyways!?

It's a question we often ask ourselves...
As family photographers, we've gotten the chance to be a part of some very special moments in our clients lives...from engagements to marriages to first children, we're able to be there to see them grow, change and experience 'firsts'. To this day we're still amazed at how quickly these little ones are able to grow not only in height, but in personality over just a few people are

This family is no exception. So far we've done a maternity shoot, a newborn shoot, and even a pet shoot with them!   This fall, we were able to hang out with them for this little lady's 6 month birthday, and we were blown away by how much she's grown! The smiles were non-stop, and i must say she has the most diverse set of stuffed animals we've seen yet...(note the ant eater...and the fact that her parents are both biologists!)

We can't wait to see what she's up to in another 6 months! Or what her first real pet is going to be...

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