Monday, October 31, 2011 of our favourite times of the year...whether you're 10 or you're well past your trick or treating years, there is still something people love about getting decked out in whatever (sometimes extremely last minute) costume they can find and celebrating with friends...if you can even recognize them...

This year, we decided to check out The Hank and Lily show at the Yukon Arts centre that our local burlesque show Varietease presented on Saturday night...So who are Hank and Lily you ask?? Well....they are described as "a performance art inspired duo from Victoria, BC, whose act is based upon the tragic and hilarious adventures  of their comic book series."  

And in our opinion? Able to put on one crazy entertaining, non-stop energy show...Jazz on the wing style, the crowd, which included everything from Zombies to Jane Fonda, danced, sang and stood in awe of the mind-boggling show that is Hank and Lily... Flashing lights, a dance appearance by David Hasselhoff, Lily with her antlers and Hank with his metal face couldn't really ask for a more entertaining and perfectly suited Halloween show.
We wanted to give a special shout out to Fiona Solon and Brian Fidler for inviting us to shoot this amazing show and to Hank, Lily and their entire crew for bringing such a great show up to the Yukon for all of us to enjoy....Here's hoping it's not the last time...

Happy Halloween everyone!

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