Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ok...so we admit it...we've been crazy busy lately so our blog posts haven't exactly been as frequent as we'd like...the good news is, it's been shoot after shoot that we've been busy with, so there's plenty of posts to come if you're patient! ;)

But enough about us...let's focus on one of our awesome couples we had the pleasure of working with this summer for not only their engagement shoot, but also their wedding...We always use the engagement shoot as an opportunity to really get to know our clients-to learn about how they interact, what makes them laugh, and...it allows them to get used to Gary pointing a big old camera at them! Luckily, although it sounds intimidating at first, by the end of these sessions our clients can get to the point where they relax, ignore us (yes that's a good thing), and just spend some time together, chilling out, and looking good...

These guys were no exception...we had an absolute blast with them and right away found their playful spirit, and amazing laughs.

Just wait till you see their wedding shots...

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